Figayou   Ventures
Strategy Consulting for private and non-profit organizations

Activating possibilities for impact & growth building for social and business impact in profit and non-profit enterprises 

X Factor

With deep and wide experience across industry, academia, and the non-profit world our team has built organizations and companies, lead projects, develop products and advise startup founders, C-suite exectuives in Fortune 500s, non-profits,  and academic and scientific institutions

We combine deep business knowledge and experience, analytical rigor from more than 25  years of deep experience in business, academia, and the non-profit world innovating solutions, building capacity, managing and advising teams, driving projects and delivering impact 

We are

Our special sauce is our deep commitmet to learning and doing and living and working to make an impact.  Always learning, always building, and always bringing our best selves to every minute of every day

We are...

Business leaders

Advisors to C-level executives

Non-profit leaders

Startup Founders

Private & non-profit board members



Social scientists

Finance & strategy professionals


Community organizers



Leveraging our technology

Our team came together 20 years ago to address problems across disciplines and functions within and without organizations.  Along this journey, we have developed and launched technology companies and products building teams of data and technology experts, designers, testers, and strategists.   world-class data team of developers, data scientists, and engineers build custom solutions for your small business or global institution.

Or let us help you design, build, and leverage your capabilities and data assets to enhance business decision-making


The Figayou Model 

We deliver solutions based on research,and evaluation of potential outcome. 


We work with you to learn about your business and understand challenges and opportunities.


We take a deep dive into your businees by collecting and analizying data to produce valuable insights and potential solutios. 


We deliver solutions based on research and evaluation of potential outcomes. e and how users can benefit from it.

Work Meeting

What We Do 

From tech startups and niche consumer brands to established financial leaders our and global non-profits our team has been a trusted partner elevating the impact of organizations to meet or exceed sustainable ROI and ESG goals

Special projects
User Centered Design & Developent
Organizational planning & transformation
Strategic re/postioniing 
Team Building 
Partnership development strategy
Market Analysis
Operational effectiveness
Interim management & staffing